Throwback Thursday: Finding My Inner South American Foodie Dreams at Table 24

Author's Note: We are always sad at the news of a cafe closing down (SG's cafe scene is still so young,  we are not ready for farewells yet!) but more than happy to welcome our favourite creatives back into the scene. We bid goodbye to Crazy World Cafe a while back and now say a happy hello to the same team, back stronger, through Table 24.

If you, like me, loved pouring through pages after pages of articles and recipes by food people. (My personal food heroes are The Amateur Gourmet and Jamie Oliver.) You will understand the cravings I always had for food I have never found where I live. Strangely though, they sometimes seem so familiar you can almost taste it in your mouth.

Imagine my complete excitement when I found out what Table 24 was serving - contemporary American cuisine or Southern American cuisine. This means all the grits, grilled meats, crab cakes and all the awesome wholesome goodness South American food is all about. (Yes, we are talking about the land where Fried Chicken and Biscuits came from.)

Like the aesthetics of the creative team behind CWC and now Table 24, the place in decor in a homely, vintage style with a lot of woods finishing off with orange lights to add a romantic mood to the dining experience.

Vintage radios line one side of the space.

Steel bowls and salad bowls line the other walls. (Conceptualisation of the walls were done by Genome Architects and Design Consultancy, hit them up!)

More posters and reads are displayed around the space, we love the little shelves that allow for a changing "landscape" anytime the owners like to. Very creative and clean cut.

Food-wise, we have to admit, M and I were also largely lured by the promise of fresh oysters available at Table 24.

These were probably the Canadian oysters (creamy and rich) and French Fine De Claire oysters (amazingly briny with a cleaner finish). We also had some Miyagi oysters on another trip down, those were fantastic too.

Tomato Bisque made from Romas and local tomatoes topped with cream, port and basil. Natural tanginess you get only from soup made from scratch with fresh tomatoes.

Butternut squash soup flavoured with maple syrup, crème fraîche, toasted pecans and chives. This is an autumn special and was originally used as a sauce in a main. The blend of butternut and maple syrup gave a new dimension to the taste palette making it taste somewhat like gula melaka, delectably sweet and then you get a bit of tanginess from the crème fraîche.

The menu at Table 24 evolves from time to time, some starters are recreated into mains, some new dishes introduced, even the sides paired with the mains changes too. (We missed out on some truffle popcorn!)

Shrimp and Grits is one of our favourites to order. Grilled prawns served on a bed of creamy polenta is both familiar and comforting. The best part is finding bits of home-cured bacon within the pile of goodness!

Richard, the executive chef of Table 24, is fantastic at his work with seafood - especially the fishes. Slow Roasted Salmon was a huge hearty slab which M loves to go for. I also personally recommend the Sable Fish if you are a fan of oilier fishes.

Pan-seared sesame crusted swordfish is nicely cured for a bit of tenderness within the crunchy bits.

Maryland Crab Cakes are a huge hit with almost everyone we brought to Table 24. It has the intense sweetness you get only from using real crabs. (You won't get it unless you have tried it! Trust us on this one.) Table 24 now serves it topped with a poached egg which makes the experience more amazing.

Coffee Crusted Pork Chops paired with fantastic mac 'n' cheese, country greens and picked carrots. The pork fillet had a good bite. Having a ground coffee beans crust really up the flavour antennae and makes this a must try. M's personal favourite too.

For desserts, we went for Pot de Crème,

...which got us a little confused when it was served. But it turns out that it is coffee pudding with milk foam and biscotti on the side. A sweet and aromatic note to the meal.

Table 24 is at once familiar yet new, the comfortable setting makes you feel like you are stepping into a friend's home and it soaks you in a cosy atmosphere to enjoy their "unpretentious take on fine dining". Food-wise, we love how contemporary American cuisine is also familiar yet new - wholesome bites (they really don't scrimp on quality) yet with unexpected touches that add graceful nuances to the taste palette that reminds you of the culinary background of the executive chef. The complete experience is well-worth our pennies.

Table 24 has also just launched a lunch menu (takeaways available too!) that comprises of some of the popular mains and sandwiches (grilled cheese sandwich!).

Table 24 
24 Temple Street
 Singapore 058569
Tel: +65 6225 9925

Mon - Thu: 1130am to 230pm
6pm to 11pm

Fri - Sat: 1130am to 230pm
6pm to 12am (Photoset by green tea fields & words by PlentyOfPretty.)


  1. You had me at shrimp and grits!

    1. You should go! I think it's definitely your kind of place!

  2. Damn, really want those Shrimp and Grits now.

    1. We need a grits revolution. No more mash potatoes! (Or maybe sometimes also can.)