Review: Old School Delights and the Forgotten Memories

Author's Note: At today's cafe, we were brought back to 15 years to the first school days of our lives when we genuinely looked forward to school everyday! It honestly doesn't feel that long since then but ah, the beauty of looking back at our childhood which we can never get back.

Can you remember how it felt like being a primary school kid?

I never figured how my hyper-active self managed to keep her bum onto the seat for a good few hours but I know I loved the glorious sound of the bell for recess the best. (Second best will be the glorious sound of the bell for end of school!) At Old School Delights, they are seriously clearing some cobwebs in my memory box and brought back some really delightful recollections of primary school.

#1: The Jotter Book

The days of 555 notebooks and brown jotter books. We're completely spoilt with the selection of immaculately decorated notebooks these days but I sometimes still think these 10 cents ones are still the best. In them, we drew curiously shaped pictures in science classes, fought hard for 10/10 in our spelling quizzes, wrote our diaries of our first hopes and dreams (only to be cruelly corrected by the English teacher over grammatical and spelling errors).

#2: The School Bookshop

Where we go before, during and after school to pick up some of the hottest toys in town. We bought five stones to challenge our friends, bought hideous notebooks and country flag erasers (only to lose them just 5 minutes later). And then, we lose our interest in our new toys, and run outside to play Ice & Water. (M: Once, I ran home just to get 50 cents out of my piggy bank to buy a notebook, I still have it!)

#3: The Snack Store

There was always one near your school where everyone crowded around to buy some junkfood to munch on like a badass - cause cool kids do not eat their vegetables. We eyed the jelly in tubes, icecream and chips - all to be chewed up within the 10 minute lapse before your parents turned up to fetch you home.

#4: The Chalkboard

Everyone fought over classroom duties and everyone wanted to be in charge of writing the day and date at the top two corners of the board. The loser of the day had to wipe the windows. We stole bits of chalk from class and used it to drew hopscotch to play with during recess. (M: As the bossy monitress you loved to hate in primary school, I pwned all chalkboard writing wannabes! Hah! C: I settled it with scissors-paper-stones showdown like a badass!)

#5: The Whiteboard

Chalkboards were slowly phased out and whiteboards came into play. We all had our little boards and write answers on it to flash to the teachers. The fastest wins, of course, regardless of whether the answer was correct.

The days of being a sweet young thing.

Old School Delights serves up some delightfully local dishes for those in the Thompson area looking for a Singaporean bite. We were drawn to the cakes and picked the Lemon Cake [$3.80] and Chocolate Banana Fudge Cake [$5.80]. The lemon cake had a pleasant citrus spritz to it much like the pound cakes we've eaten. The chocolate cake had us smittened and it should be more accurately called the Sticky Chewy Chocolate cake!

We also had the Sago Ice Kachang [$3.80] which was served in the old school metal spoons. Loved the caramalized Gula Melaka in it and was happy to have some localness in our food.

For drinks, we went along with local favourites. C had the Milo Dinosaur [$4.00]. M had the Mocha-cina [$4.50] while TK had the Choco-teh-cino [$4.50]. Drink drank drunk on our old favourites.

Well the prices are not quite 1990s, the desserts and drinks we had were sufficiently so, in the right way. We're looking to go back for some good grub. As we were walking out, a family, right down to the youngest child, were having their lunch. We smiled a little at the warm sight. Good quality family time is completely precious. And besides, it is important to teach your kids to learn to eat Mee Siam and Ice Kachang like a badass.

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thompson Road
Singapore 547349
Tel: 64584518


  1. I love this place already. You guys always find the best places. Bring me along some day please! :D

  2. this is super coincidental - check your twitter dm!

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